SpacecoasT Authors of Romance (STAR): Authors Donating to a Cause Spotlight

Not everyone can donate to a cause, but I wanted to make a space to highlight those authors who are able to, and the causes that they support.

The awesome writers group SpacecoasT Authors of Romance (STAR) is holding a month long auction in September that will be donating a portion (10%) of their proceeds to Literacy for Adults in Brevard (LAB)!

Why did you decided to donate to this cause: Without readers we would be out of a job! Literacy for Adults in Brevard (LAB) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to teach literacy skills to adults who cannot read, so they may reach their full potential in their families, jobs, and communities. 

Literacy for Adults in Brevard website:

Literacy for Adults in Brevard FB:

This auction benefits the Spacecoast Authors of Romance (STAR) chapter of Romance Writers of America (RWA). The goal of STAR is to educate our members about writing and marketing quality romance novels and to provide a valuable support system as they enter this dynamic career field. Each month we feature a program speaker.

If you’d like to know more about this event and the authors involved, you can check out the auction website at:

Or to view all action items click here




If you’re interested in knowing more about this awesome chapter of the Romance Writers of America, you can check out there website at:

Their featured action items include:

Manuscript Review by Rachel Hauck
100 Page & Full Synopsis Critique – Women’s Fiction
2 Chapter Critique by Roxanne St. Claire
3 Chapter Critique by Bev Katz
3 Chapter Critique by Heidi Shoham
3 Chapter Critique by Jill Marsal
3 Chapter Critique by Maria Geraci
30 Page Critique by Melinda Leigh
30 Page Critique by Rhonda Merwarth
40-Page Critique by Kate Marope

Are you an author interested in being featured, or know of someone who would be? Please Contact Me.

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