Awesome Timeline of Prosthetics Through the Ages

Back in my fun and stressful days of university, I wrote my graduate thesis on Prosthetics, 3D Printing, and the Metastable Individual. I had a blast researching the subjects wide expanse of information, and the theoretical social and mental connotations associated with what we identify as being naturally part of our body and not. (Think of how you know where your car ends when you’re driving and how you hopefully don’t manage to side swipe every other car in your driving vicinity)

One fun aspect of it was discovering how much we don’t really know of prosthetic use in the early part of humanity, heck, we’re still learning about what the Egyptians used, as most of the material available at the time has biodegraded.

I hope you find this interesting! (PS- Some Pictures Below, and the links provided on these items are just one of many available online)



4900 BCE

Confirmed Stone Age Amputations


Aztec God of Creation Tezcatilpoco: Obsidian or Glass Foot


Celtic God Nuada: Silver Hand


Greek God Pelops: Shoulder of Ivory

3500-1800 BCE

Indian Warrior Queen Vedas: Prosthetic Leg

2900-2800 BCE

Persian Women in Burnt City: Golden Eye

950-700 BCE

Egyptian Noblewoman: Cairo Toe

600 BCE

Egyptian “Caronnage Toe”

300 BCE

Roman “Capua Leg” made of Iron and Bronze

218-210 BCE

Roman General Iron Hand

184 BCE

Turpan Man’s Prosthetic Hoofed Toe

500 ACE

Wooden foot prosthetic with iron base

500-700 ACE

Man with Sword in place of Hand

600 ACE

Cavalry Man with Wooden Leg

1164-1460 ACE

Monks Hospital Amputations

1500 ACE

Franconian Götz Artificial Arm

1529 ACE

Fixed Posisition Arm and Leg

1696 ACE

First Non-Locking Below the Knee Prosthetic

1755 ACE

Lether Boots stuffed with Horse Hair and Springs

1800’s ACE

First Articulated Knee-and-Foot Prosthetic

1810 ACE

Ball Joint Ankle Introduced

1812 ACE

Prosthetic Arm with Finger Gripping Motion

1836 ACE

Prosthetic Hand that Sews, Writes, Braids Hair, Etc.

1860 ACE

Rubber Foot with Wooden Leg

1914 ACE

First Treated Aluminum Light Weight Prosthetic Leg

1975 ACE

Computer Coding introduced into Prosthetics

1980 ACE

Carbon Fiber Introduced into Prosthetics

1990 ACE

Microprocessor-Controlled Prosthetics Introduced

1998 ACE

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Controlls Introduced to Prosthetics

2005 ACE

Adaptive Learning Powered Knee Introduced

2010 ACE

LEGO and Wires Used to Create a Prosthetic Hand

2011 ACE

Bionic Leg with Increased Gate Accuracy Introduced

2012 ACE

Brainwave Controlled Prosthitics Tested on Humans

2012 ACE

A $20 3D Printed Prosthetics Wins First Place at University

2013 ACE

Off the Shelf Technology Used to Created Mindcontrolled Prosthetic

2013 ACE

A $150 Prosthetic Hand Created with Off-The-Shelf Items

2014 ACE

First Duel Limbed Mindcontrolled Prosthetics Worn

2014 ACE

$40 3D Printed Prosthetic Hands Printed

2015 ACE

Prosthetic Approved that Lets Users “Feel” Through the Device

2016 ACE

Myo Band Introduced that Uses Bluetooth Instead of Invasive Surgery

2016 ACE

Prosthetic Developed that Does Not Require a Socket

45,000 year old bones found with an amputation made to the humorous


5000 year old ‘Golden Eye’  worn by a Persian Priestess


3000 Year Old Toe worn by an Egyptian Noblewoman


2200 Year Old Turpan Man’s Prosthetic Hoofed Toe

prosthetic-leg-china-tomb with hoofed foot


~500 ACE Medieval Prosthetic Foot


Some Medieval Artwork Featuring Prosthetics


1164 AC Medieval Hospital Performing Amputations near the Scottish Borders

There is a bunch of information available on the prosthetics that come after this age, this one has some really awesome picture of prosthetics from 1500 to the turn of the 20th century

This one has an awesome 1916 video of a hospital with patients with loss of limbs, after the war

Did I miss anything? Or perhaps need to have this updated? Please let me know!


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