Breaking the Mold, or Rather Not

I wanted to create a page that not only showcased hard work, but also showcases how people with disabilities are “always breaking barriers or toughing it out”, or rather, they were able to access schools and a community that supports them, just like any other successful individual out there.

The list below is just a drop in the bucket and should help to give you incentive to write a diverse cast of characters in your novels. They don’t need to be main characters (although it would be nice,), or secondary characters (also nice), but perhaps they are the doctor your character sees who uses a chair, or the checkout clerk is hard of hearing, or the server at the restaurant is on the spectrum, or the mechanic uses a prosthetic… you get the idea. Inclusive worlds make visible those that are sometimes erased in society and in the media. They also allow the reader to become normalized to seeing a wide set of people in the world, or rather normalizing what already exists. You can also google the many sites that have lists of the communities (think LinkedIn, but everyone uses a chair), for a full in depth list of careers.

(This list will get longer, when I find more articles to share)

Medical Field:
Deaf Pharmacist
Deaf Doctor makes Patients feel Heard
Pathology Doctor
Health Careers

Amputee in bathing suit
Model with fancy prosthetic covers
Representation in the Fashion Industry

Extraordinary Bodies in Circus
Fashion Designer Lucie Carrasco
Author Lynn Viehl

Hair Styling:
Amputee Hair Stylist
Equality in Hair Styling

Elise Roy

Microsoft Inclusive Hiring

Seahawks Shaquem Griffin

This also brings up the need to provide an inclusive environment and bring attention to it when you find that the environment is not supportive of all groups of people.

This includes taking a look at commentary like 37 products perfect for lazy people, and recognizing that this line of questioning implies that none of the items can be used to improve the lives of other. A stir aid, that can be used to stir a pan so you don’t have to, can be a greatly improve the life of someone with restricted hand and/or upper arm mobility, among other things.

Providing packaging that enables all users to recognize the product being sold, allows for greater brand recognition and a wider group of clients and customers. Like when Rice Crispy Treats said they’d include braille on their packaging.

Clothing is a large part of being allowed to express yourself as a person, and being able to move around in space. The majority of the clothing cut/lines cause binding when wearing braces, or using a chair, or the many other issues that have been discussed by the community.

Parsons Open Style Lab Clothing For Disabilities
Fashions next Frontier Functional Clothing People with Disabilities
Parsons Designs for Disability
Stephanie Thomas Styles Clothes for Wheelchair Using Fashionistas
Zappos Adaptive Lines
Design for Disability 2018
Anna Sui Cerebral Palsy Foundation Design for Disability Fashion Show 2018
Design for disability Web Series Inclusive Fashion
Target New Inclusive Line
Everything about adaptive apparel
Sensitivity Clothing 
Adult Sensitivity Clothing

These articles are meant to help, and in no way undermine any group or the support of them. Got anything I can ad??

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