Author Services

Looking for some help manage and organize your “non-writing'” tasks? Have any tasks that don’t like doing, or constantly avoid? Or perhaps tasks that wouldn’t need your direct involvement to occur? This is where I come in.

As an author myself, I know there are many aspects of being an author that can eat into your own creative time, be it social media posts, updating author content, and maintaining a book/series bible.

Below are a few areas you might want help with.

  • Plan, organize, implement, and track the success of promotions
  • Plan and implement new release launches
  • Post on social media and interact with readers
  • Regularly update product pages on all retailer outlets (Amazon, iBooks, GooglePlay, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, OverDrive), also Goodreads, BookBub and Author Central on Amazon
  • Pitch podcasters, arrange interviews, follow up
  • Contact and interact with bloggers
  • Organize ARC (advance review copy) distributions
  • Organize, implement, and follow up on contests and giveaways
  • Beta reading and Plotting Assistance
  • Bookkeeping and Expense Tracking
  • Maintain, update, and follow up on shared calendar (including deadlines) for books, newletters, interviews, etc.
  • transcribing audio interviews or notes
  • Searching for stock photos
  • Creating teasers and graphics
  • Update and maintain (add new books and promotions, maintain printable book lists and publishing schedule, update list of interviews and guest posts)
  • Brainstorm blog ideas for future blogs and other guest bloggers

If any of these services sound of interest to you, please contact me and we can discuss ways to make sure you can write more.