What you’ll find on this page, in series order:

Magic and Heartache Series (Contemporary Fantasy Romance)

Revived Series (Science Fiction Romance)

Planetary Space Force Series (Science Fiction Romance/KU)

A Distorted Fairy Tale Series (Fantasy Romance)

Absolute Zero Series (Science Fiction Romance)

Magic and Heartache Series (Novellas)

When love finds you in all the wrong places.

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Upcoming Releases:

Magic and Heartache book 3: Unaccommodating Love
Drafting stage

Magic and Heartache book 4
Planning stage

Revived Book Series

Click the links to find out more about the books! And check out this Pinterest Board on the series theme!

Revived Series book 1: Unexpected Revival

One thousand years after her death, Shannon Troy awakens to a world run by corporations demanding memories of an alien invasion she didn’t remember.

Forced to work off the costs associated with her cryogenic storage, she chooses to travel with D’lane, an alien captain of the ship T’grevis, to investigate a derelict ship on the edge of the galaxy. A ship that could hold the answers to why the Earth was attacked centuries ago and why those same war ships were again heading their way.

It’s a race against time to uncover the facts, as others fight to keep those secrets hidden. Shannon and D’lane’s attraction teeters on the edge between passion and disaster as they discover who’s wants devastation of the Anunnaki to return once again, and those that want to stop them before billions more die.

Editing stages


Revived Series Book 2: Unwanted Revival

Drafting stage

Revived Series Book 3: Untitled Book

Drafting state

Planetary Space Force Series

What happens when the first large voyage of the Planetary Space Force is captured by aliens…..shit happens

When the ship Jay is station on is captured and the crew put to work, she has more than the imminent loss of her vision to worry about. Someone is stealing secrets and she’ll have to work together with an enticingly broody alien before all their lives are lost.

Untitled Book 1 – Drafting stage

A Distorted Fairy Tale series

Redemption of the Beast: A Beauty and the Beast Retelling

When you’ve been made out to be the beastly daughter of the Queen, there’s nothing better than fleeing. But when the past comes back with a vengeance, she’ll have to decide if it’s better to remain the beast, or sacrifice herself for save the kingdom that wanted nothing to do with her in the first place.

Drafting stage

Absolute Zero Series

Nukes and Suits, Book 1

An enemy. A friend. A lover. Discovering who’s who might be the death of her.

Station Captain Florence spent the last five years at the edge of nowhere all thanks to Phillip, a co-worker turned superior, who wasn’t happy when she called halt to their relationship. She thought she’d finally found her match with space jockey Yin, only to be dropped like hot pipe at the first sign of love. Always one to learn from her mistakes, she’d washed her hands of romantic entanglements and set herself up to serve out the rest of her time on a nowhere ship stationed at the edge of known space.

Nothing could change her mind–until a mini-nuke takes out half her ship, killing almost everyone. She had a handful of days to find a way to save the remaining survivors before they froze to death. To top it all off, she doubted the attack had been an accident. Anyone could be an enemy spy and she doesn’t know who she can trust.

When Yin arrives offering support, and Phillip barges in, company adviser in tow, she’s reluctantly accepts their help even as she can keep them at a distance, and the cage locked over her heart.

As enemies draw near, hell bent on getting on the station, will Yin and Phillip be the saviors her station needs, or herald the death coldly breathing down the back of her neck.

Drafting stage – ends in a HFN

Glow, Book 2

Planning stage