Magic and Heartache Series

This novella series created in a world where magic is everywhere, and both magical and non-magical entities live side-by-side.

Aside from humans, this world contains Elf’s, Troll’s, Dwarf’s, Nymph’s, Pixie’s, Volur’s, and so many more 🙂

A brief introduction to some of the species in this novel:

Nymph: Known for their jewel toned hair, they are extremely touch sensitive and form strong bonds with only a few people throughout their lives.

Pixie: Can enchant, work magic, and make great clothes. Known to have metallic hair colors and mischief making.

Pan Clan: Usually have horns and tend to be wiccans, consolers, or warmongers. They are associated with nature, wilderness, sexuality, hunting and the life cycle.

Troll: Tend to life in small family units, and trust only a select few people. They safeguard specific landmarks and places of power.

Volur: Can cast charms, work as shaman or seers, and hold a grudge like no other.

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Book 1: Unrequited Love

Unrequited Love by EL Roux
Book 1: Unrequited Love

Book 2: Unrewarded Love

Book 2: Unrewarded Love

Upcoming Releases:

Magic and Heartache book 3: Unaccommodating Love

Magic and Heartache book 4: Untitled Summer 2019