Reading Recommendations!

I don’t know about you, but I love it when I can go to an authors site and find reading recommendations. I get most of my new reading material that way. So I thought I’d start a page with a list of authors that I’d recommend to my fellow readers 🙂

Please note: These authors are listed in no particular order, and when this list was created, I made every attempt to locate the author’s website (i.e. no affiliate buy links added).

(The E designation is if it leans more towards erotica)

Also note: Some authors publish in more than one genre, I’ve listed them under one.

I in no way endorse hate, bigotry, racism, or any other negative actions from any authors.

Science Fiction Romance

J.C. Hay

Cari Silverwood (E)

V.C. Lancaster

Charlee Allden

Calista Skye

Claire Kent (E)

Cynthia Sax

Naomi Lucas

Linnea Sinclair

Marcella Burnard

Amanda Milo

Delores Diamond

Libby Sinclair

Cara Bristol

Ruby Dixon

Lori Devoti

H.E. Trent (E)

Eve Langlais

Scarlett Dawn

Mina Carter

Vivien Jackson

AR DeClerck

Zoey Draven

R. Daneelia Giskardi

S.E. Smith

Susan Grant

J.M. Page

Kate Rudolph

Carysa Locke

Alison Aimes

Sharon Lynn Fisher

Zoe York

Anna Carven

Erica Conroy

R. Lee Smith

Bobbi Ross

Penelope Fletcher

Jessa Slade

Michelle Diener

Kat Emm

Ruby Lionsdrake

Carol Van Natta

Linda Gayle (E)

Kiersten Fay

Wendy Lynn Clark

Sandra Harris

Judy Mays

May Sage

Veronica Scott

Debra Jess

Christine Myers

Cailin Briste

S. A. Hoag

Melisse Aires

Emily L. Byrne (E)

Emmy Chandler

Ada Harper

Lindsay Buroker

Rebecca Royce

Susan Trombley

Regine Abel (E)

Aria Adams (E)

Sandra R. Neeley

Lea Linnett

Quin Ripley (E)

Tiffany Roberts

Olivia Riley

Catherine Miller

V. K. Ludwig

Stacy Jones

Ann Aguirre

Elizabeth Stephens

Heather Guerre

Paranormal Romance

G.A. Aiken (aka Shelly Laurenston)

Nalini Singh

Thea Harrison

Elizabeth Hunter

Laura Thalassa

Cynthia Eden

Jory Strong (E)

Teresa Gabelman

Vivian Arend (E)

Dara Joy

Lolita Lopez (E)

Lisa Alder (E)

Saranna DeWylde

Joy Nash

Jasmine Silvera

Delilah Devlin

Sunny (E)

Zoe Winters

Kate Serine

Milly Taiden

R.E. Butler

Jennifer Ashley (aka Allyson James SFR)

Meljean Brook

Jordan Summers

Lizzy Ford

Marjorie M. Liu

Kate Serine

Lauren Dane

Joey W. Hill (E)

Fantasy Romance

Grace Draven

C.M. Stunich (E)

Aliette de Bodard

Kati Wilde

Kim Faulks

R. A. Steffan

Stacey Brutger

Raven Kennedy

A. K. Koonce

Tracy Lauren

Lily Archer

Olivia Ash

Contemporary Romance

Emma Holly (E)

Sky Warren

Nadia Lee

Anna Alexander

Jill Myles

Sabrina York

Cherise Sinclair (E)

N.J. Walters (E)

Lynn Rae

Riley Hart

Penny Reid

Historical Romance

Samantha Saxon

Lisa Kleypas

Julia Quinn

Other Fun Reads

Waking up White


Alex Vallon‘s books

Medea and Her Children

Exile and Pride

Anna In-Between

The City & The City

The Devil’s Highway