Surprise in the Works

Surprise in the Works

I’ve been working on a little project in my free time (lol, what is that?). Myself and seven other wonderful authors, in a range of experience published author to newbies like myself, have grouped together to write a collection of novella stories based in the Fantasy Romance genre. I’m super excited to be sending mine off to the editor for first round edits at the end of the month. We’re planning on a release date of Black Friday 2017, with it being offered for free through instafreebie, and paid through other sites.

More information to follow on the Love Through Heartache collection!

As for my Unexpected Revival novel, it’s still in it’s editing phases! But I’m also hoping to have it off to the editor in August as well! It’ll be my Editor August 2017 lollapalooza!! I can’t wait! Whoot!


Betas, Worth their weight in Gold!

Betas, Worth their weight in Gold!

A while ago, I sent my latest revision of my novel out to a few beta readers for feedback. And of the three I sent out, I only had one reader respond. Would I have preferred to have all three respond? Yes. Was it worth it? Definitely!

This is why it is important to have a diverse, avid-reader, and hopefully writer, beta group. It also helps if they want something in return 🙂

The feedback I got from that ONE beta changed the entire track of my editing. It shifted my slow-moving behemoth of a boat, and turned it into an agile jet ski. I have changed what I’d been editing for, and actually like the beginning of my book and its breathed new life into my attitude while revising it.

As I continue to work through it, for the fourth time, I sent out the new revised section for more of an ‘alpha’ read and got the response I was hoping for. “It’s a great read, but you’re telling vs showing”, which is what I already knew and will be working through on my fifth revision of my book. And then hopefully, I’ll be sending it off for line editing.

As for the explanation about the gold. I have been listing aimlessly for quite some time with my current editor, and for developmental edits, they weren’t much help. I had already gone through three times, the third was the hardest, trying to understand what was wrong with my book, and feeling like I should just set it on fire or transfer it to a hard drive and smash it to pieces. I felt like no matter how many times I tried to revise the book, I wasn’t going to get anywhere and add even more “I hate everything” pity to my mental state to cut my complaining short.

One good beta was all I needed to get my head back on straight and understand the problems with my story and ways I could fix them. I suddenly understood why I hated my book, and during my re-reads, I actually wanted to read it! Shocker. I know, I’ll probably get to the phase where I’m sick of looking at it, during the line and copy edits, but for right now, I’m going to enjoy how I feel and savor this moment. That, and hope for more golden beta readers!

Keep reading! Keep writing!

And for now, this is E.L. Roux, signing off.

Beta Readers!

Beta Readers!

Beta Readers are such an important part of the writing process. They give you honest feedback and catch plot holes as well as other inconsistencies you might have missed after staring at your novel for what feels like years on end. Unfortunately I don’t have much of a pool to pull from for feed back on my novel through Beta Readers, this time. Next release will hopefully be a different story.

I have to say, I’m really excited to see how the readers respond. Because I don’t know a lot of people who have time to Beta Read and are Sci-Fi Romance readers, I will only be able to get one point of view from that perspective. The other three responses are from my sister, who’s already read the really rough version, and a friend and her room mate I met at the last writers conference I attended (Yet another PLUS for why you should try and attend them).

I’ll be sending them off on Friday after I give myself a few days to separate from the last round of edits and re-read it to catch anything I might have missed, but I’m really hoping for improved feedback from the last round of Beta Reads I did before sending the work off to the editor (I’ve already been a couple rounds this time).

If the responses aren’t too bad (fingers crossed) then I’ll be sending the first 100 pages off to the editor/agent I met at the last Emerald City Writers Conference and a copy to my editor for hopefully the last round of edits. Which in my mind of wistful thinking will happen in about a week from Friday!

Coping with the next phase of Edits

Wow, was I excited to get the next round of edits back from my editor. I love my story, the editor is awesome, what could be the problem? I mean, I knew this round of edits would get harder, as editing apparently only gets harder as I go along, but I was not really prepared for the full hit of it all.

I mean, this is my story, my voice, my characters. Editing can only make it better, right?

I’ve been edited before, technical editing, so having suggestions made, see the markups, those don’t bother me, after all they’re making a better product. But after approving all the changed that I thought made sense, and reworking the areas I didn’t like the suggestions on, I started yet another read through of my work and hated it. Hated it so much that if I had bough this book, I would have stopped reading it.

What happened? Where did my voice go? Why do I suddenly hate what is happening with my characters, my main gal, my diamond in the rough?

Suddenly I realized that this story, my baby I’ve been working on for the last year or so, no longer sounded like me. My voice was gone, my characters spark was gone, the umph that I’ve read and spend so much time emulating in dialog and descriptions prescribed by other authors to make my story stronger, gone. I felt like I was reading an instruction manual on how to watch glue dry.

After fighting back tears, I took a deep breath and started to ask myself a few questions:

Had I missed something? Was my voice and story-line so poorly written that I couldn’t see the hand in front of my face?

Perhaps the editor and I really don’t agree with the way I want to tell my story, and if so, what could I do with it?

Is my first real editing experience a hint of what is to come with future editors?

And the answers to these questions will vary with each person but for me it went as follows:

Even though my editor is also a writer, it doesn’t mean that we have the same writing styles, structures, or techniques. The real question is, is this something I can work with, or will it be a battle royal and should I just save myself the trouble. Personally I believe this is something we can work together on. It also doesn’t help that I’ve gotten this editor for free after winning the certificate at a raffel contest. As for the last question, is this something I get to look forward to later? After speaking to another author friend, the answer is yes, but how sticky they are to their changes depends on the editor and how much you want to fight for those changes.

So now, I’m working through reading and editing this next round of edits in Unexpected Revival, hoping to change the places I hate to something better, and more reflective of the voice I want it to be.

Wish me luck!

Developmental Edits Done!

Developmental Edits Done!


I’ve sent my developmental edits completed for Unexpected Revival! It took longer than expected (Who know I edited at a snails pace), but I managed to finish it a month as well as keep my life on track. Big goals met!

Next on my list while I wait for the next round of edits from my lovely editor, is to try and get in on a short story Fantasy Romance Anthology (10-15K story), and I already have an idea on what I want to do, but more on that later 🙂

Hope everyone’s December is treating them great this year!

National Novel Writing Month 2016!

Wow, for this years nanowrimo I had high hopes. I wanted to finish my developmental edits for Unexpected Revival completed to be sent back to my editor, as well as finish book three, Unwanted Revival, and let me tell you, it’s not going to happen.

I have found out that I am an extremely slow editor. It takes me one day to work through one chapter. I had hoped to edit one chapter and then move on to writing for nano, but life got in the way and I fell behind on my edits. And when I have an option/deadline to meet, it’s editing all the way!

That being said, I should have my developmental edits back to by editor hopefully by November 30th, if I can edit three chapters a day, or it the latest the end of the first week in December.

Here’s to all those who’ve already passed the 50k word goal for the month, those that will reach it at the end of the month, and the other, like me, who will end up somewhere in between. I’m definitely looking forward to next year where I can meet my goals, as it is January will probably be when I do my own version of nano to get that third book finished 🙂

I hope everyone is having/or has had a wonderful turkey day!