Unrewarded Love, Magic and Heartache Book 2 Update!

This last round of edits have been completed, and Unrewarded Love has flown off to a pair of beta readers 🙂 Hopefully, I’ll get it back next week and I can start on the last round of edits before it is sent to the lovely editors at Metamorphosis Editing, where it will get beaten up again. I can’t wait for you all to read about Perri and Kyla, the pixie and the nymph you met in Unrequited Love (Magic and Heartache book 1). Tentative release date is still late June.

I also submitted the cover request for Unrewarded Love to Wicked Smart Designs, and I can’t wait to see what Dar comes up with. The last cover was amazing, and I almost cried when I saw the mock-up.

Unrequited Love high res
You can purchase your copy here

I also entered my current Science Fiction Romance project, Unexpected Revival, into the RWA Fantasy-Science Fiction chapter! Winners are announced in June, but I’m happy to be able to submit directly into the sub-genre. You still have time to enter, submissions stay open until May 13th! Click here to read about the contest. (Still has a tentative release date of late Summer)

I’ve also received notice that I’ll be part of a diverse panel of authors presenting Writing the Disabled Person Right, at both the PNWA conference in September, and the GSRWA ECWC conference in October. Super excited!

I’ll also be attending a writers conference in Spokane early June, and another conference in Ontario Canada in early August. Wow, I’ve got a lot going on this year 🙂

Below are the links to the conferences if you’d like more information on these events.
Romancing the Capital
Connecting Writers with Hollywood



Author Bingo!

What’s more fun than spending time playing Bingo? How about playing Fictional Boyfriend Group Bingo (#FBGBingo), where 21 authors (me included), are providing clues to answers all month long, to the questions that will be asked on May 17th.

There are 21 chances to win prizes provided by the participating authors, mine is a $25 amazon gift card. Other prizes include gift cards, Ebooks, Paperbacks and Swag!

You can sign up to play here.

You can join the Fictional Boyfriend Facebook Group here. (You can always unsubscribe from the group after this event)

How to play?

You must sign up in order to get a bingo card.

You must be watching the LIVE stream to hear the questions being drawn and read, so you can search for the answer on your bingo card.

You’ll call out Bingo! in the comments, and the presenter will randomly draw from the prize bowl, and that winner will receive that prize. The game will be played until all the prizes have been awarded!

UNTIL THEN – You watch for the hashtag #FBGBingo in the Fictional Boyfriend FB Group-
Maybe make a studyguide – or better yet… buy the books and read them!

Who are these authors?

Jennifer Theriot, Author
Bree Madelyne Lewandowski
Author Sadie Grubor’s Page
Sonya Jesus
Writer Samantha MacLeod
E.L. Roux
Author Miranda Lynn
Sylvie Stewart Romance
Phoebe Alexander, Author
Author Arell Rivers
Author Holly C Webb
Kristine Raymond Author
Author Taryn Steele
Susannah Nix
Kahlen Aymes – Author
L.M. Carr, Author
Nora Phoenix (Nora Phoenix)
K. M. Neuhold
L Chapman
Elizabeth York
Author Isabelle Peterson

All these authors are new to me, but half the fun of discovering new authors, if finding out what they write 🙂

I hope you join me, and the chance for one of the 21 prizes on May 17

Unrequited Love Released!

Ahhhh! It’s been two days since Unrequited Love went live on all retailers (that I’m aware of), and to say that I’m ecstatic is an understatement, LOL.

I patiently waited for Draft2Digital and Amazon to notify me that it was live, and seeing the updates popup in my email gave me chills. I am now officially published and I hope that the wide world of Romance enjoys it, that an people leave reviews afterwards.

If you’d like to pick up a copy of Unrequited Love, you can do so here, or through the Book page.

Unrequited Love high res

What’s next? I’m currently working on the edits for Book 2 of Magic and Heartache, Unrewarded Love, and hope to have it released in June 2018.

While that’s in the works, I’ll also be working on edits on my Science Fiction Romance Revived Series, and hope to have book 1 released by the end of Summer.

Stay tuned!

Unrequited Love is almost out!

In less ten days my re-released of Unrequited Love will be published! And to say i’m feeling a little stressed in an understatement. In fact, you can find an accurate representation of how I’m feeling pictured below…lol

image sourced here

That being said, I’ve been low-key sharing the new on my FB author page @ELRouxAuthor practically every other day for the last 30 days.

I’ve you’d like to pre-order Unrequited Love, you can do so through a universal buy link here. Unrequited Love is currently listed at $2.99. You can check out the amazing cover below 🙂

Unrequited Love high res

This wonderful cover was produced by Wicked Smart Designs, who I highly recommend!

Flying Space Robots of the Miniature Variety

One way to get around rocks, pits, jammed equipment, and all the other issues that can arrive with machines crawling all over a foreign surface, is to keep the machines away from it.

NASA has proposed flying robots, about the size of our lovely flying stinging insects, known as bees, to keep the robots from having to deal with difficult terrain. If you’re interested in reading more on this concept, you can follow the link, here.

The idea and concepts flying around to discover better ways of improving scanning capability on alien planets, and I couldn’t help but think of this little micro-story:

First they sent objects that orbited our system, taking pictures of our world to be sent back to a planet sight unseen. Then they sent flying swarms of machines that never slept, refused to eat or drink, and terrorized the local predator/pray population, until they eventually died from exhaustion. What terror will they send to us next?

I hoped you enjoy that little snip of a story idea. You can pre-order my Contemporary Fantasy Romance Novella at the universal buy link through www.books2read.com/UnrequitedLove.

One Month Away!!

That’s right, I’m super excited to share that my re-released of Unrequited Love is a month away 🙂 Once a day I’ll be doing a fun “Did you know?” post either about the story or some other fun romance reader information, from the basis of what the new series Magic and Heartache is  based off of, to author recommended reading literature 🙂 Because I love a good reading recommend.

Let the count down begin!

31 days left!

Pre-order now at www.books2read.com/UnrequitedLove

Unrequited Love high res

Re-Release of Unrequited Love


It’s been a while since I’ve posted, but I promise I’ve been busy. I’ve re-edited and slightly expanded Unrequited Love for as a stand alone novella.

I’m not going to brag, but this cover by Wicked Smart Designs is A-Maz-Ing!

Unrequited Love high res

You can pre-order this novella through the universal buy link, here.


I might own a coffee shop, but it’s anything but normal. Magical and non-magical live in harmony, making me happy to serve them all the drinks I put my extra-special twist on. But watching Nathan, my ex-fiancé, sip lattés and ogle his new woman suppresses my seer emotions and puts a damper on my own love life.

Until Cole sweeps me up and dizzies me with kisses even as he asks me to perform a Wiccan vision quest for Nathan and his fiancé. I have to get over getting dumped or add two shots of resentment to my stinging heart—and possibly lose Cole in the process.

Currently priced at $2.99

You can purchase a previous version of this novella, and the other seven stories in the original anthology, Love Through Heartache, here. It’s free on KU, or $0.99 for other users.